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Extended Warranty Year 3

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Part nr.: 2009 IBS 0K815
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Extended Warranty for XII and MG Machines

Maintain "new" condition and limit the maintenance cost of your new machine for a 2nd or 3rd year.

Assembléon engineers will perform any required repairs for up to 3 years after installation. The extended warranty includes parts, labor and expenses as well as prescribed, planned maintenance. The fixed cost ensures a fixed maintenance budget. The services ensure the quality and condition of your equipment.

Additional benefits of the Assembléon standard support agreements:

  • Extend your warranty coverage up to 3 years with added PM services
  • Receive priority parts shipment and engineer dispatch if needed
  • Budget and fix annual maintenance costs
  • Receive valuable discounts on other Assembléon products and services
  Self Supporting Extended WarrantyYear 2 Extended WarrantyYear 3
24 Telephone Support Basic / Diagnostic Unlimited Unlimited
Major PM Service & Kit Billable 0 1
Head Rebuild Service & Kit Billable 0 1
Lite PM Service & Kit Billable 1 1
Calibration Service Billable 1 1
Repair Service Billable Unlimited Unlimited
Engineer Dispatch Priority Standard Priority over all other levels Priority over all other levels
Repair Parts Billable Unlimited Unlimited
Parts Delivery - Standard Up to 30 days Less than 30 days Less than 30 days
Parts Delivery - Emergency Best effort 24 hours 24 hours
Expedited Emergency Parts Billable Included Included
Parts Shipping Priority Standard Priority over all other levels Priority over all other levels
Parts Stocking Guidance Included Included Included
Repair Parts Discount 0% 15% 15%
Repair Parts Discount 0% 15% 15%
Assessment Discount 0% 15% 15%
Annual Assessment Visits Billable 1 1
Special Offer(price per machine) 2009 IBS 0K814 2009 IBS 0K815
Multi-machine discount: 5% for 2 machines, 10% for 3 or 4, 15% for 5 or more.


For more information please contact your local Assembléon representative or call

1-800-4-PHILIPS and choose the option for "Parts."

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