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Feeder Exchange System XII XiIIFeeder Maintenance Service. Non-Assembléon Feeders

Feeder Maintenance Service

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Part nr.: 2009 IBS 0K807
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Detailed description

Feeder Maintenance Service

Increase machine output, reduce component waste and improve changeover time

Assembléon feeder experts will perform maintenance and calibration on your eligible feeders. The low promotional pricing includes evaluation, maintenance (preventative or repair), simple diagnostic report and minor parts such as screws, springs etc. No additional labor charge is required for major repair actions. Damaged or missing parts are billed only as actually required. Repairs are warranted for 30 days.

Additional benefits of the Assembléon feeder repair service:

  • Can increase actual machine output by up to 20%
  • Reduce mis-picks by 70%
  • Reduces component waste in the feeding process by as much as 50%
  • Includes warranty; Assembléon is responsible for quality of maintenance

Service Option

Product Notes

Feeder maintenanceITF / TTF

Includes labor, 30 day warranty and minor parts

Feeder maintenanceCL / Cli

Includes labor, 30 day warranty and minor parts

For more information please contact your local Assembléon representative or call

1-800-4-PHILIPS and choose the option for "Parts."

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