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Opal-XII Speed Upgrade

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Part nr.: 2009 IBS 0K803
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Detailed description

Opal-XII Speed Upgrade

Increase Opal-XII Speed up to 53%

Maximize the flexibility and speed of the Opal XII by adding four additional placement heads to the basic Opal-XII configuration.

This upgraded configuration:

  • Most cost-effective way to add production capacity
  • Increases output up to 6,000 cph over standard Opal-X four headed machine
  • Does not require additional air, power, floor space, or operators
  • Uses standard 7x series placement nozzles

Upgrade Option

Product Notes

Opal Speed Upgrade (from 4 to 8 heads)

Package includes travel, expenses and airfare

For more information please contact your local Assembléon representative or call

1-800-4-PHILIPS and choose the option for "Parts."

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